15 October 2017 @ 11:15 pm
(thanks for everyone who comments, I'm kind of unable to respond to every comment individually but I really appreciate them!)

I broke down and dug out the fine liners and that let me get some better detail for some of them. Day 9 was a study but I really liked how that one turned out, kinda learning about ink washes. Also added in a bit of color with highlighters, even though I'd intended to do all monochrome. I've been kinda trying to go back to a couple of the things I thumbnailed or sketched last week, but I haven't really been able to do it yet. Kind largely referenced work here, because I wanted to focus more on learning how to use the mediums and study lighting, though Day 8 was original. Went with a cartoony style because I thought it'd be easy to do; I was kind of unmotivated that day, so I just wanted to do something relatively fast but 'finished' and it worked out.

stitched-mouth cartoony ink person waving hello

referenced from a photo of a person holding a dead bird spread out on their back

value study with intense shadow on half a face for portrait

a sketchy yelling chameleon

value study on a fuchsia flower

face-on portrait of disheveled person coloed in blue and purple

ink wash study of feet standing on tip toe

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10 October 2017 @ 10:08 am
I've set up a Gofundme for the Harry Potter conference that I want to go to badly. Here's the text that accompanies it:

"Hi! I'm Tom and I've been planning to go to a Harry Potter academic conference in Philadelphia, PA for some time, but I ran into some financial issues and while I have everything booked as well as having bought my train ticket and conference registration, my financial issues mean that I still need money so I can pay for my hotel room, food (outside of the lunch I get with my conference registration), transportation within the area (my plan is to use public transport) and extra expensives.
For this, I've estimated needing 300 dollars. Half of that will go to the hotel room.

The conference takes place on Friday, October 20th and I'm willing to offer a bracelet in one of the four Hogwarts House colors to anyone who donates 20 or more dollars to my campaign. I'm only asking for money to be able to do this because I've had a hard year and I've been really wanting to be able to do something fun and nice for myself that also got me out of the house. This would help me a lot mentally and get me to meet people and possibly make contacts.

I also plan on doing a write up with photos of the event that I can share with all of you if this is funded. Thank you!"

Please donate or signal boost if you can! Thank you!