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"I suppose the thing with magic is that a lot of it is about writing anyway. To cast a spell, that's a fancy way of saying spelling. Grimoire, the big book of magical secrets, that's a French way of saying grammar. It's all about language and writing. It's all about incantation, all these things. Magic, really, it turns out to just be a continuation of the stuff that I've been doing anyway. Using certain arrangements of words or images to affect people's consciousness." - Alan Moore

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe

I'm not sure what to use this for yet. I've been on GreatestJournal, LiveJournal, Vox, InsaneJournal, but I want to try something new. Dreamwidth seems interesting from everything I've been reading. So... here I am! My interests include classic rock, language, nature, motorcycles and motocross, libraries, fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, scientific articles, not editing scientific articles, reptiles, not swimming, and never sleeping. I'm terrible with computers and know nothing of PC games, or really anything about any type of game that isn't played on a table with two or more chairs. I probably know it if it involves a deck of cards. And, as a finish, I wish I actually had the time to practice on the guitar, but well. If it isn't one thing it's always another, yes?

[community profile] iam the Tulio (The Road to El Dorado) of Dreamwidth! Miguel was taken, agh. What luck.

Layout by passing_girl on LiveJournal. I also moderate [community profile] dresdenfiles for fans of the Harry Dresden novels and, though reluctantly, the cancelled tv series.

If you know me, you know me. Please don't tell anyone else.

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(writing parenthetical asides), alice in wonderland, animagi, apparating, arithmancy, astronomy, barbeques, beaches, biking, bon jovi, books, budgies, c.s. lewis, candles, cats, charms, chinese food, chocolate, climbing, coffee, colorado, communities, cooking, crafts, crystal balls, crystals, cuddling, culture, curiosity, curses, death gate cycle, diagon alley, dido, disney, dogs, dragonlance, dreams, dæmons, enchantments, england, english, fae, family, fantasy, fiction, firefly, fireplaces, fireworks, flowers, food, friends, germany, glasses, gryffindor, happiness, harry dresden, harry potter, history, hogsmeade, hogwarts, home, honesty, house m.d., hufflepuff, icons, imaginary friends, intelligence, internet, j. k. rowling, j. r. r. tolkien, jim butcher, joseph campbell, kitties, knives, language, laughing, learning, legends, life, literature, lord of the rings, magic, making friends, medieval, megadeth, metallica, motocross, movie night, movies, muggles, music, myth, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, nin, opera, parchment, people, pets, photography, pizza, plurality, potions, puppies, quizzes, quotations, quotes, rain, ravenclaw, reading, renaissance, sara bareilles, satire, sci-fi, sherlock holmes, showers, sleeping, slytherin, snuggling, spells, spirithollows, spirituality, stardust, steampunk, stephen king, storms, swords, tea, terry pratchett, the force, the vampire chronicles, theatre, thestrals, thunderstorms, transfiguration, travel, trees, urban fantasy, used bookstores, vampires, vanessa mae, victorian, vienna teng, werewolves, writing
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